Incredible deals on Chameleon, Candy, Metallic and a lot of other amazing custom paints.

We know color is the most important aspect of a paint scheme to our customers and we spend a great deal of time developing and presenting a selection of colors with a wide range of appeal at incredible values.  Our series of custom paint colors includes eye catching colors in the pearl, metallic, candy, color changing, "Neon Like", Low Gloss, and of course solid colors.  Read below to learn more about each color type or visit our main site's overview of all our car paint colors (with pictures) at

Chameleon Paint - Color Changing Paint Colors

Chameleon paint colors are those that change color depending on the angle in which you look at the object. Kameleon colors are 3 stage colors and require a black base for best effect. Furthermore, chameleon paints require expert level application techniques to assure uniformity.  Chameleon paint colors are a perfect fit for vehicle owners that want maximum exposure for their ride.

Candy Paint Colors

Candy Paint colors are another class of 3 stage finishes where a midcoat with special ultra-transparent colorants is applied over a metallic base then cleared for protection.  This process creates incredible unique colors with un-matched depth of color and vibrance.  UreKem offers 15 standard candy midcoats.  Combining those 15 candy colors with our various basecoat colors creates hundreds on unique shades.

Pearl Paint Colors

Pearl paint colors are those that contain special pearl pigments that impart a colored shimmer to paints.  Pearl colors have been a popular class of car paint colors for decades.  We have a strong selection of pearl colors in both 2 stage and 3 stage finishes.
  Pearl colors are commonly more vibrant and have stronger depth of color than metallic finishes.

Metallic Paint Colors

The sparkle in Metallic paint colors comes from finely ground aluminum flakes.  Metallic colors vary in sparkle size in addition to color tone.  Generally, metallic colors offer better coverage than pearl colors. UreKem makes a strong line of metallic colors suitable for a wide range of applications.

Solid Paint Colors

Solid colors are those which have no metallic or pearl sparkle.  Black and White are by far the most popular shades in this color family.  Urekem has dozens of solid color options including many classic hot rod colors.

Low Gloss "Hot Rod" Colors

Low gloss colors and particularly, Hot Rod Black, has become popular in man automotive circles.  We have a strong selection of low gloss colors in 4 different gloss sheens including a single stage and base/clear version.